Let there be light! 

An uninformed family moves into a beautiful new home with windows galore! Soon, every room is beautifully furnished with meticulously chosen curtains and carpet, upholstered furnishings, antiques and treasures. Unfortunately, without the UV protection offered by quality window film, those perfect fabric and paint colors will soon begin to fade. The damage is costly! Can you spell “heartbreak?”
Multiply the cost of damages in retail centers and office buildings across Tennessee. The abundant glass used in today’s architecture is truly beautiful! But without UV protection, carpet, drapes, upholstered furnishings and paint will experience fading and sun damage on floor…after floor…after floor!

Let there be UV Protection!
Performance Films stands ready to offer our residential and commercial customers the benefit of our experience when it comes to selecting the right window film products to protect your investment. Quality films protect furnishings…and offer so much more!
At Performance Films, we understand that today’s homes are generally designed to introduce sunlight from all angles. Yet, windows tend to be the most vulnerable areas of the home. So many windows offer security challenges, while so much sunlight offers UV and energy challenges.Performance Films is pleased to offer our Tennessee residential customers a choice of outstanding and environmentally safe window films. The resulting property insurance premium discount is only the beginning of the benefits!

Sun Control Films
     :: remove up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. 
     :: protect furniture, draperies, artwork and carpet from 
        sun damage 
        and premature fading. 
     :: offer 99.9% UV Skin Cancer protection. 
     :: increase comfort
     :: reduce glare
     :: save energy costs
Energy Star Partner :: offer privacy
     :: offer aesthetic appeal

Give us a call to discuss your residential window film needs. We’ll be happy to work with you to find the best products for the job at hand!
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