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If you are in Tennessee…and in the market for affordable quality window films for commercial, residential and automotive applications…you’ve come to the right site!

Performance Films offers complete window film and tinting installation services in the Nashville, TN area. At Performance Films, we understand the importance of using only top quality products. That’s why we work with the leading manufacturers to select materials that are right for your job and budget.

Give us a call to discuss your window film requirements. Together, we can identify the materials and processes that will best suit your particular needs. Then we’ll get to work to flawlessly install the window tinting that’s right for you! Please call Performance Films today at 615-248-TINT (8468) to discuss your important window film project and request a free quote!


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Posted on 11/25/2015 by tent.

The Coolest Decision You'll Make

Posted on 7/7/2011 by tint.

We know that rising electric costs are a key factor in the demand for our SunTek and Llumar home window tinting. The afternoon temperatures have been near 90 degrees this week and next week is supposed to get hotter.

We make your glass energy smart. We factor out the heat by up to 90%. How dark or light, how reflective or not, is entirely your choice!

We offer more solutions, the world leading brands and superior performance compared to our 3M Window Film Prestige Dealers-Home Depot competition.

Hands down in every single basis of comparison our solutions are the better more affordable and superior warranted value.

An investment in our energy conserving films is a small fraction of what you'd expect to pay for a replacement window. Our payback is less than 2-3 years versus 20 years for a new window system.

Here is some facts about 3M Window Films

Facts: like solar heat gain rejection for their prestige films that dispel any baloney claims about 97% heat rejection.

Facts: like independent and objective testing for fragment retention, wind storm and cycling.

Facts: that dispel the notion that their film has any advantage in hard coat.

Facts: like they don't actually make "their" ceramic film so they can hardly brag with a straight face about how clear "their film" looks implying it's a result of their innovation.

Facts: like all films and glass itself will perform better when the heat source (Sun) is at an angle to the glass.

Facts like their Low E films have only a 5 year warranty and flake after that short length of use. That their Low E film allows three times more heat to escape in the winter than Llumar EnerLogic Film.

Call 3M. Go to the Home Depot store. Watch their gimmick demo using a heat lamp and get their astonishing quote.

Then call Performance Films of Tennessee for your “Home Window Tinting”. We serve all of middle Tennessee including these cities like Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, Dickson, Clarksville and even Bowling Green, Kentucky…..Call NOW 615-248-8468

Our Customer Reviews

Posted on 5/16/2011 by tint.

"I had just bought a new car that did not have tinted windows as I was used to. I called several places after searching on the internet and found Performance Films of TN to be the most helpful in answering my questions. I called on a Friday and we scheduled my ..."‎ ‎ - Feb 14, 2011
"A great experience Before finding Performance Films, I was using Citysearch to look for auto window tint shops without much luck. I had already tried to go to a different place that keeps popping up on Citysearch (K1 Auto Glass) but couldn't find the place, ..."‎ - by jakew00t at Citysearch ‎ - Aug 2, 2010

"Quality Experience‎ I agree with the review. Had my WRX tinted there today - took about an hour for all my windows. Guys working there were nice and easy going, and you could tell they were good at what they do. Price was very reasonable. About an hour after I left I ..."‎ ‎ - Apr 7, 2010
"I had the windows tinted on my Dodge Ram today (4-3-10) and they turned out great. The people are friendly and professional. The shop is clean. And I was in and out in less then an hour (just had the side windows and windshield strip done). I highly recommend going to ..."‎ ‎ - Apr 3, 2010

Veronica ‎ - Apr 22, 2011
QUALITY!! So recently I've taken two of my vehicles to Performance to get the windows tinted. Both times I've had a WONDERFUL experience. They made recommendations about the quality of tint and were very knowledgable about their products. Their prices are extremely reasonable and both times the associates were quick and efficient. I will reference this company to all of my friends and associates who are looking to get their windows tinted. Thank you for taking care of your customers!!!

Kane ‎ - Apr 3, 2010
Will Go Back I had the windows tinted on my Dodge Ram today (4-3-10) and they turned out great. The people are friendly and professional. The shop is clean. And I was in and out in less then an hour (just had the side windows and windshield strip done). I highly recommend going to Performance to get your windows tinted.

Ben ‎ - Nov 18, 2010
I had my vehicle done by installer Sean and owner Jay this past Monday (11-15-10). Both guys were very helpful guiding me towards the tint that I wanted. Upon arrival, owner showed me various vehicles in the parking lot out front that he had done to give me an accurate idea of what my vehicle would look like. The crew is very professional, they know their trade, and had me in and out of there in no time. I will be going back for sure, and have already recommended Performance Films to friends and family. All in all, I am extremely pleased.


Posted on 3/8/2011 by tint.

If you are looking for the best home,auto or business window tinting company in Nashville with the best pricing. Look no further...Performance Films of Tennessee is your one stop for all of these services. If you would like to see some of the work we have done and you are on Facebook. Put my email jwall@performancefilmstn.com and I will accept your friend request. Click on the PerformanceFilmsTn.com photo folder and see our work. Or simple stop by our showroom at 917 8th Ave S. Nashville, Tn. 37203. We are located in the same shopping center as H&R Block.

Christmas and New Years Special

Posted on 12/16/2010 by tint.

Performance Films of Tennessee is middle Tn leader in window film installations. We offer the best performance automotive window films in the world.

National manufacturer's lifetime warranty
Scratch-resistant surface
Maximum ultraviolet protection
No hindrance to vehicle electronic systems
Will not interfere with radio frequencies
Maximum heat rejection in a non-metalized film
Lifetime warranty against color change

Performance Films requires a higher level of expertise than any standard window tinter. This experience and strict craftsman like installations define the difference between average and great!

Now though January New Year's we will be running our annual Christmas and New Year's Sale.

We will price our SunTek and LLumar Films. We will double our web coupons until Dec. 31st 2012. Yet another reason to chose Performance Films as your Nashville,Brentwood and Franklin Tn. leader in window films.

While your here having your car's window tinted, be sure and go next door and visit our new neighbors at Signarama Nashville

Is my car's tinting legal?

Posted on 5/19/2010 by tint.

We have been getting so many calls recently and people stopping in saying either they have got a ticket or have been pulled over for illegal window tinting.

When tinting a passenger car in the state of Tennessee. You are allowed a 35% Visible light transmitted film to be applied to all of the side and rear windows. You are also allowed up to a 6 in strip across the top of the front windshield in a 35% VLT. You will also need a compliance sticker in the driver door to show that the window film is in compliance with Tennessee state law. This sticker must have the name of the Company along with the phone number for the window tint installation to be legal.

When tinting the windows on a SUV's you are allowed to have a 35% VLT on the driver and passengers doors too. However, you are allowed to go as dark as you wish on any windows behind the driver and passengers doors.

If you have been pulled over because of your window tint and or have received a ticket. Call or stop by Performance Films of Tennessee. We will re-tint your car to Tennessee state law requirements and give you everything you need to comply with Tennessee state law. Call 615-248-8468(TINT)

Protect and Save

Posted on 12/3/2009 by tint.

Performance Films of Tennessee has been busier than ever these last few weeks in installing security films and sun control films across all of middle Tennessee.

Caddys Discount Liquor of Clarksville,TN. Were trying to protect their inventory from theft, and heat gain. Now they are protected and are saving energy with combined solar and security films with an attachment system. They knew who to call since the window film experts are here at Performance Films of Tn.

The number of home and retail store break-ins have rapidly increased and our Sun Control and 8 ML thick Safety and Security Films combined is an unbeatable combination!

Binks Outfitters and Express of Murfreesboro, Tn. now has 83% Infrared Heat Rejection, 99.9% UV rejection, and has helped to protect their merchandise from getting premature fading.
More importantly they are saving energy cost and their merchandise is protected.

Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, Tn. Had heat and glare issues in one of their facility building. They choose 3M Night Vision. This reduced glare by 85% and had a total solar energy rejection on 70%.

Take advantage of off season pricing. Call the team of Performance Films of Tennessee for all you window tinting needs.

Pella No Problem

Posted on 9/9/2009 by tint.

Recently we have had several calls about the warranty, when it comes to applying 3M Window Films on Pella Windows. Pella is the Cadillac of home windows. Although most window manufacturers give a glass breakage and seal failure warranty for only 5 years. Pella is the only manufactures that gives the home owner a written lifetime seal and glass breakage warranty. 3M "Platinum Warranty" offers the duplicate coverage.
Mr. and Mrs. Berkey recently finished building their new home on a mountain with very large Pella windows located near Thompson Station,TN. They put these windows in so they could enjoy the beautiful views. Unfortunately they get the east and west facing sun. They didn't want to cover these windows up with window treatments or mini blinds to block the view. I can't blame them. They have a picture perfect view on both sides of their house now.
After discussing the advantages of 3M Window Films compared to Vista Window Films. They choose to have Performance Films of Tennessee install the 3M Night Vision on all of these windows.

Here is the email I received from Mr. Berkey after a couple weeks of the installation had been complete.


"Sorry it took so long to reply. We are very pleased with the 3-M Window film. It did cut the heat in both the Sun-Room and my Office. There is a big difference in the Garage and that has been very nice. Thanks for the great job."
S. Berkey

Here is a picture of the Berkey home with the 3M Night Vision

Performance Films of TN welcomes Lane!

Posted on 9/9/2009 by tint.

Performance Films of Tennessee welcome's Lane NaQuin onboard.
Lane brings decades of experience with him in Automotive, Commercial, House and paint protection films. Using products from; 3M Scotchtint, Solar Gard, LLumar, Madico, Solyx decorative films, and Johnson window tint. Paint Protection Films include Xpel, 3M Scotchgard and Clearshield.

Being a certified installer and former owner of Accu-Tint in Goodlettsville, many clients such as Audi, Porsche and Jaguar of Nashville, The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky, The City of Goodlettsville, Crest Cadillac, Hummer and Honda, Infiniti and Lexus of Nashville. All of these respected companies have all trusted him for years for their auto window tinting and Paint protection needs. So can you!!

Lane is one of only a hand full of locals who install the paint protection products or "clear bra". With years of knowledge in the field, no matter if it is a Z06 corvette with a kit we cut in house or a 1936 Chevy street rod with a custom cut kit.

Once again we are glad to have someone with Lane's knowledge
and experience now on our team. Stop in or call, pick his brain about
your individual needs. We are sure you will be as pleased with him as the Performance Films staff.

McDonalds Chooses Performance Films of Tennessee

Posted on 7/26/2009 by tint.

We received a email through our website less than a month ago asking us to bid 9 McDonald's in Western Tn. From my understanding we were competing against 3M Prestige window films dealers along with Vista and Huper Optic dealers from Memphis,Chattanooga, Franklin,Nashville and Knoxville Tn. I was told since I was very diligent, and our affordable pricing we received the bid. Not only were we bidding on 9 McDonald's for window tint in McKenzie, Dresden, Huntingdon, Camden, Paris, Martin, Dover, Union City, Hurricane Mills and Waverly Tennessee. Management also wanted to window film Fulton Kentucky too. Not only will we finish up the window film installation this week. We also filmed both owners homes in the Paris Tn area too.
Their electric bills were tremendously high at all of these locations. With the price of energy constantly increasing and the fact we solved their heat gain issues with our affordable pricing. McWorth Management trusted us enough to chose Performance Films of Tennessee. You can too!!
If you have one window in your home or you need a 10 story building window tinted for the conservation of energy. Rest assure Performance Films of Tn...can get the job done!! Simple fill out the "Request a Quote" on this website and someone will be in contact with you instantly.

Beat the Heat!

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s window films have been perfected to meet a full and surprising range of needs. 
     :: privacy or one-way viewing
     :: security and shatter-proof glass protection
     :: winter insulation, solar control, energy savings
     :: UV protection to keep paint and fabrics from fading
     :: Home owner association approved
     :: Lifetime warranty
     :: Transparent not mirrored
     :: Lets light in
     :: Guaranteed no bubbling or peeling
     :: Shatter proof
     :: Protect against winds and weather

Are you interested in decorative, artscape or stained glass window film?

Performance Films stands ready to meet even your most unique needs on time and on budget!

Quality products…assistance with choices!

At Performance Films, we understand the importance of using only top quality products.  That’s why we work with the leading manufacturers to select materials that are right for your job and budget.  We offer films by ceramic films by Madico and clear films by V-Cool.  That being said, exactly what do you need?

Does your project call for window films that are opaque, translucent, frosted, reflective, mirrored, color tinted, etc? Let’s discuss it!

Do you need window films that are vinyl, ceramic, perforated, adhesive, static cling or even removable, etc.? We can help you make that decision!

Performance Films is pleased to offer:

     :: Commercial Solar Control and Security Window Tinting
     :: Residential Solar Control and Security Window Tinting
     :: Auto Window Tinting
     :: Paint Protection
     :: Decorative Film
     :: Certified Professional Installation of Film
     :: Lettering, Signs, Banners, Graphics and Anti-Graffiti
     :: Store front lettering, custom letter for your car or boat, signs, banners, and magnets

Give us a call to discuss your window film requirements. Together, we can identify the materials and processes that will best suit your particular needs.  Then we’ll get to work to flawlessly install the window tinting that’s right for you!  Please call Performance Films today at 615-248-TINT (8468).

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